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Stuart Hankin of Hankin Homes Building 10 New Affordable Houses in West Palm and Riviera Beach

Homeownership is more than a smart investment; for many people, it’s a lifelong dream. Stuart Hankin, the owner of Hankin Homes, is helping more Americans realize that dream. The Florida-based real estate guru is on a mission to make housing more affordable. After completing his first five affordable new construction projects in 2019, Stuart Hankin and his team are now building 10 new affordable homes.

Stuart Hankin Hankin HomesThese new affordable homes are located in prime Florida communities within the Palm Beach Metropolitan area. Five are in Riviera Beach and five in West Palm Beach. Offering an exceptional blend of natural beauty, fantastic weather, recreation and entertainment opportunities, and exceptional schools and healthcare, West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach are ideal locales for individuals or families. The housing projects are perfectly aligned with Stuart Hankin’s objective to create affordable housing for multi-generational families, abodes that can house everyone from kids to grandparents and be passed down from one generation to the next.

Stuart Hankin has been a cornerstone in the Florida real estate scene for some time. After graduating from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in operations and information engineering, the young entrepreneur’s first professional ventures involved buying and rehabilitating distressed properties in South Florida.

Stuart Hankin Shifted Focus

Beginning in 2016, Stuart Hankin shifted his focus to hone in on his passion for making quality housing more accessible to people of low-to-mid socioeconomic levels. Stuart Hankin of Hankin Homes spent nearly three years learning more about construction, including what materials and techniques to utilize to cut costs without sacrificing quality. By increasing efficiency and saving on materials, Stuart Hankin is able to offer Hankin Homes to a broad demographic. It is an exceptional venture in a day in age where many Americans are currently struggling or unable to afford to buy versus rent.

As Stuart Hankin points out, making housing affordable is essential for individuals and families as well as communities. Homeownership allows people to make a long-term investment, instead of throwing their hard-earned money out the window with rent payments. Likewise, it incentivizes families to stay long-term and invest in their neighborhood. The end result is a safer and more harmonious environment for all. With these 10 new projects in West Palm and Riviera Beach, Stuart Hankin envisions contributing to an even more beautiful future for the greater Miami region.

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