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Stuart Hankin of Hankin Homes Building 10 New Affordable Houses in West Palm and Riviera Beach

Homeownership is more than a smart investment; for many people, it’s a lifelong dream. Stuart Hankin, the owner of Hankin Homes, is helping more Americans realize that dream. The Florida-based real estate guru is on a mission to make housing more affordable. After completing his first five affordable new construction projects in 2019, Stuart Hankin and his […]

Stuart Hankin Of Hankin Homes Invites You To Take A Virtual Tour Of A 5-Bedroom House

Hankin Homes is a real estate company that builds affordable and multi-generational homes for families. No matter the homeowner’s economic status, Hankin Homes wants everyone to have a place to live. The founder of Hankin Homes, Stuart Hankin, continues to develop his Florida-based company.  In 2019, his company experienced massive growth as a result of […]

Stuart Hankin Of Hankin Homes Successfully Completed His First Five Affordable New Construction Projects In 2019

Stuart Hankin is the owner of Hankin Homes, a real estate company located in Florida. Stuart Hankin spent the mid-2000s at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. After graduating from college, his interest in the real estate profession piqued. Stuart Hankin started his career by purchasing, fixing, and reselling distressed properties. With his Ivy League education, Stuart […]

Stuart Hankin Of Hankin Homes Promotes Home Ownership Over Renting In Low-Income Communities

Stuart Hankin spent his childhood living in a Philadelphia suburb. As an adult, Hankin moved to New York to start his dream of achieving a career in real estate. Stuart Hankin studied hard to graduate from Cornell University. He earned a Bachelor’sBachelor’s Degree in Operations and Information Engineering. With a diploma, Stuart Hankin was well on his way to working […]

Self-made Entrepreneur Stuart Hankin Says Volunteering Is Not An Extracurricular Activity But A Responsibility

Stuart Hankin is a self-made real estate investor and the owner of Hankin Homes. Stuart is also a graduate of Cornell University. This is where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Operations and Information Engineering. As a young boy, Stuart Hankin grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia. Over the years, Hankin honed in on his […]

Homebuilder Stuart Hankin of Hankin Homes Focuses on Providing Quality Homes at an Affordable Price

Anyone shopping for a new, quality home in South Florida knows that the price is a major consideration. Finding the right combination of an ideal location, a desirable floor plan and all of the necessary amenities for modern living can lead to sticker shock. Homebuilder Stuart Hankin of Hankin Homes understands the dilemma buyers are confronted with. […]

Philanthropist Stuart Hankin Shares Tips on Balancing a Busy Career and Giving Back to the Community

Stuart Hankin is a real estate investor with phenomenal business vision. He has dedicated his talents to creating affordable and innovative living for urban communities. Much like his uncompromising drive in business, Stuart follows that same tenacity in philanthropy. The entrepreneur actively participates in his local Chabad and volunteers his time as a tutor at […]