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Real Estate Investor Stuart Hankin Creates Stunning 5-Bedroom Floor Plans For Multi-Generational Families

Stuart Hankin is a highly-reputed real estate investor with razor-sharp business acumen. Headlining Hankin Homes, he has quite the list of accomplishments under his belt. In 2010, Stuart began rehabbing distressed properties in South Florida. Just 6 years later, the investor set his sights on residential and commercial land, refining his expertise to give communities sustainable, […]

Self-Made Entrepreneur Stuart Hankin Encourages Renters to Offset Financial Burdens With Homeownership

Stuart Hankin is a compelling force in the real estate world. Having had a humble start in a suburb outside Philadelphia, the entrepreneur obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Operations and Information Engineering from Cornell University in just 3 years. In 2010, the real estate investor started purchasing and flipping distressed properties in South Florida. Fast forward […]